Angel on the sky concept
Angel on the sky concept


In Person Session

Kelly combines Integrative Energy Therapy (IET)®, Reiki, and intuitive insights to help clients reconnect with their higher self. This process aims to address mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns, create positive behaviors, eliminate obstacles, and release past traumas. Muscle relaxation can result from releasing these blocks, especially in the neck and shoulders where tension is commonly held.

Distance Session

Kelly offers distant healing sessions where she conducts healing work remotely. Through connecting with the client's energetic essence, she triggers the body's innate healing capabilities. The effectiveness of distant sessions is on par with in-person ones, thanks to Kelly's skill in connecting with spirit, energy, and guides from any location.

Space Clearing

Kelly can clear negative energy from spaces, creating a serene environment with angelic light beams for ongoing protection.

In-person clearing costs vary based on assessment, space size, and potential travel fees.

Life, Love and Light Wellness

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As a IET Master-Instructor® and Reiki Master, I combine Intuitive Guidance, IET, and Angelic Guidance to create transformative experiences. Integrated Energy Therapy aims to balance DNA, purify energy fields, and boost general well-being.

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132 Great Road, Suite 200 Stow, Mass 01775

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Kelly Klimarchuk

IET Master-Instructor® and Certified Reiki Master

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Dream Abstraction
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Kelly has a AMAZING GIFT and I’m grateful that my daughter and I are working with her. Her remote sessions are like a warm hug from a Loving Angel! She helps lift us up and find peace through dark chaotic times with medical, emotional, and mental health issues related to trauma. Her help allows us to continue through major challenges feeling more grounded, hopeful, and confident. And the insights she provides after a session are eye opening reinforcing a sense of well-being and loving protection.

If you’re new to Reiki or energy work and unsure please reach out to her. She makes everything easy, gentle, and so worth it!!

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This was my first time doing a Reiki remote session. Kelly answered all my questions and concerns prior. She has a genuine love for what she does and is very passionate in helping others. Kelly focused on certain areas that needs more attention and explained to me in detail why it was done.After our session I felt more relaxed and positive. Kelly is fabulous and I highly recommend her!

Dream Visualization
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Kelly, transformed our downtown Boston office spending over 3 hours clearing the energy. Sensing the contrasting energies—strong masculinity on one side and a softer femininity on the other—she emphasized the necessity of maintaining masculine energy for “fueling ambition, resilience”, enlightening me in the process. The office felt noticeably lighter after her departure, as she left us with intentions for abundance and prosperity. We're eagerly anticipating her return.

Colors of the Mind
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During a remote Reiki session, Kelly helped me with a stuck kidney stone. I couldn't believe it—after the session, I became a believer. Suffering for days, I reached out to Kelly on a friend's recommendation. With her deep healing, I felt the stone move, one hour later, I passed it.